Experience Kyoto

In Traditional Japanese Style

Harmony in Kyoto is part of the Harmony® Hotel Group. All rights reserved. 


Harmony in Kyoto is a traditionally styled Japanese Inn created for the purpose of giving guests the most authentic Japanese living experience possible. Rooms can be tailored to be as traditional as needed, with certain aspects like sleeping on either Futons or normal beds. 

Room decoration is of minimalist design but do feature modern amenities like Television, Air-conditioning, WiFi, etc.

All rooms feature a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by beautiful greenery with entrances facing out to the Inn’s rock garden.

We want our guests to relax and feel at peace. If they can forget about their troubles for even one minute, we have succeeded.” – Yatoshi Kumora (Owner of Harmony Hotel Group)

Harmony in Kyoto features both traditional as well as modern style of cooking.

Feel free to check our menu upon arrival for the most current dishes available. You can also try some of the many local restaurants located in and around Kyoto.

Harmony in Kyoto also offer guests the opportunity of booking tours for in and around the city to visit various landmarks, temples, etc. For more information please click on the button below.